Philips DPM6000 Digital Pocket Memo+ Docking Station

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Digital Pocket Memo with Docking Station High end professional digital dictation for Healthcare & Legal reporting easily place the overall meeting microphone on the table, press record on the remote control and capture all voice, from each and every angles.
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Superior recording

with 3D Mic technology

The Philips Digital PocketMemo 6000 voice recorder takes dictation to a new level. Breakthrough 3D Mic technology delivers best audio quality in any recording situation. Its robust yet lightweight stainless steel design offers perfect ergonomics for working over longer periods of time. Coupled with SpeechExec Pro software for efficient data management and a docking station for uploading your files, going from your voice to your text document has never been quicker.

Dragon dictation accuracy certification Philips SpeechLive certified Philips green product Digital Speech Standard SDHC

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The built-in microphones always provide condescending stereo audio recordings.

The crystal clear recordings are perfectly worth for speech recognition.


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The recorder is specially made for single-handed operation of all recording and playback functions,

accessing easy and quick file editing through convenient push-button strategy. 

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The unbalanced and ergonomical shape fits well into your hand. Its thin and lightweight design maximizes consolation,

even when working over longer intervals of time. This design is shockproof as per US Military standard 516.6.


 SpeechExec workflow software for efficient data management

The SpeechExec software sorts the workflow of dictation files and resulting documents in between

of author and transcriptionist, and allow you to track the status of your work.

Large color display and clear user interface for easy, intuitive operation

The large full-color display offers sharp images, which makes it simple to see everything at first brief.

 Docking station for fast battery charging and hands-free recording

The stable and superior docking station provides speedy charging and automatic transfer of your recording to your computer. With an optional foot control connected, the docking station enables hands-free recording and transcription even without a computer.

 Light and motion sensors for extended battery life

This smart technology adjusts brightness of the display, which makes it sure that your

record will always be ready to work when you want.

 File encryption and device PIN lock for high data security

With the included priority setting option, urgent recordings can be handled at first. This makes sure about the important

recordings are not supervised which helps you and your transcriptionist manage your workloads better.

 Remote management support for time-saving deployment and maintenance

The firm and feasible docking station provides speedy charging and automatic transfer of your recordings to your computer. With the optional foot pedal connected, the docking station even warrants hands-free recording and transcription without a computer.


  • Pocket Memo voice recorder
  • Docking station* OPTIONAL
  • Memory card
  • Rechargeable battery
  • USB cable
  • Pouch
  • SpeechExec Pro dictation software (DPM8000, DPM8200)
  • User manual



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