Nuance PaperPort Standard 14.0

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Nuance PaperPort 14 offers a powerful combination of features you just don't get with scanning software or other PC document management
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PaperPort 14 is the fastest and easiest way to scan, organize, find and share documents and photos from your PC Scan, view, edit and share PDF files with unprecedented speed and ease Organize and manage all documents with one software application--find any document in an instant Add efficiency to home-based businesses, personal finances, school work, photo collections, hobbies and more Reduce paper clutter all around the house--empty desk drawers and get rid of bulky file cabinets.

Scan, organize, search and share documents and photos quickly and easily from your home PC With your PC, a scanner and PaperPort 14, you're on way to achieving new levels of personal efficiency:

Scan paper documents with a single click--works with any scanner or all-in-one Turn paper, photos, and digital files into high-quality searchable PDFs Store documents as PDFs so they'll never be lost, damaged or accidentally thrown away Use Windows or Google Desktop Search to find any document on your computer instantly Assemble multiple PDFs into a single document by dragging and dropping Fill out forms automatically Clean up and enhance digital photos Break the costly, wasteful cycle of printing, copying and mailing paper documents Time is your most valuable asset.

For about the cost of one lost document you can get the fastest, most powerful and easy-to-use PaperPort ever.

Even more incredible, PaperPort 14 brings all these files together in one convenient place on your PC desktop. It provides large, clear thumbnails for everything already on your computer--with support for over 150 file formats--so you don't need to open files to figure out what's inside.

Choose from 29 folder colors for organizing files and see only those file folders where important documents or pictures are stored. No more wading through every folder on your computer to find what you're looking for.

PaperPort 14 combines power with ease of use, making it the perfect document management solution for home-based businesses, personal finances, school work, photo collections, hobbies, and more.

Scan Your Way Out of the Clutter Use your scanner or all-in-one printer with PaperPort 14 to quickly produce high-quality digital files of all your paper documents and photos. With the simple push of a button you get perfect scans on your desktop or directly into the included PDF Viewer or another specific application--email, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and more. PaperPort 12 is so smart it will straighten, crop, rotate, and enhance your documents automatically to improve document quality.

And you can take advantage of PaperPort's ImageViewer for further enhancements to scanned documents or photos. Create and Fill Out Forms Often times the documents you need to share must be accompanied by some sort of form, or in many cases, lots of forms. With PaperPort 14, you never have to fill out another form by hand.

The FormTyper feature accurately converts scanned paper forms into neat, searchable electronic forms you can fill out on your computer. It even recognizes check boxes automatically. You can quickly tab to a fillable form field and type the information. Add your scanned signature using the transparent stamp feature. Then save your completed PDF form and email it along with your other documents. It's faster and cheaper than faxing or mailing.

Product Description With PaperPort 12 scanned and electronic files can be easily viewed, accessed and arranged via large clear document and individual page thumbnails on the desktop. PaperPort enables you to quickly scan paper items such as receipts, registration forms, etc.

System Requirements Platform: Windows 7 / Vista / XP


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